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Our Story


Dominique Jolicoeur, Founder

A few years ago, I was living in a glass downtown condo completely disconnected from nature. Feeling very far from my roots, we moved close to a large network of hiking trails just outside the city. It was on those trails, during my maternity leave, that I found the inspiration to start formulating my own natural skincare products to replenish my skin post-partum. 


Equipped with a Master’s in Health Communications, I took a deep dive into researching the skin benefits of local botanicals and got to blending the exquisite ingredients that I was reading about. I then layered on elements of scent, colour and skin-feel to design a grounding experience based on the principles that I had learned in my Yoga Teacher Training


My healthy glow was restored after just a few months and I knew that I had to keep going. I enrolled in an Organic Anti-Aging Skincare program and kept crafting my formulations until they met the highest standards of quality and sustainability. I’m so pleased to be sharing these lovingly made products with you.


Our philosophy

Our skincare philosophy is rooted in self-care. Each formulation is designed to instill a tranquil moment into your day that indulges your senses and takes you on a grounding journey into nature from your home spa. Our reusable glass bottles are filled with aromatic fruit, luxurious flowers and nutrient-dense plants that leave your skin looking youthful and deeply nourished.  


Our oils, actives and dried botanicals are meticulously tested for safety and quality before making their way into our bottles and we never test on our animal friends. An appreciation for nature lies at the very core of our company which is why we've chosen to infuse sustainability into our products - from our ingredient selection to our manufacturing processes. 




Ethical sourcing
We’re dedicated to filling our bottles with ethically-sourced natural ingredients and choose botanicals from certified organic farming when possible. 

Our cold-pressed fruit oils are made using seeds from the wine, juice and jelly industries that would have otherwise gone to waste.  

Each ingredient is selected with purpose and we take a minimalist approach to our packaging, without compromising on quality.

Solar infusion
Our extracts are made using a solar infusion process to gradually extract active botanical compounds without the use of electricity. 

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