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Welcome to Dewberry Face!

A few years ago, my family packed up our belongings and left our glass downtown condo for a home close to nature. The nearby trails have become a second home during my current maternity leave and I can already see a strong appreciation for nature in my son. He sings to the birds, talks to the tall trees and enjoys stopping to smell the flowers.

Here are photos from some of our hikes this past year.

My favourite time for hiking is in the late spring when some of the trails become lined with little dark purple dewberries (hence the name of my blog). The scent of the sun warming the pines mixed with ripe berries and wild flowers is exactly what comes to mind when I think of nature. I remember thinking that I would love to bottle up those grounding elements and bring them home with me.

This very thought lit a spark in me. I researched some of botanicals that I was seeing on my hikes and found that many of them have properties that are super beneficial for the skin. For example, those little purple berries are high in collagen promoting Vitamin C. This got me thinking about formulating my own natural skincare products with ingredients that can be found close to home.

I thought it would be fun to take you with me into my artisan skincare lab and document my journey creating natural and eco-conscious skincare formulations. My goal is to inspire you to connect with nature and notice the potential in various fruit, plants, flowers and trees.

I'm already working on a couple of new formulations for the blog, including a soothing chamomile serum and a sunflower & beeswax face balm. Stay tuned!

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