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The Next Step in my Skincare Journey

In my very first post, I shared how spending time in nature during my maternity leave inspired me to start formulating my own skincare. Now let me explain why formulating my own natural skincare products is so appealing to me at this point in my life.

Formulations and ingredients in my lab

Celebrating a life milestone

I’ll admit I never put in much effort when it comes to my skin. I would wipe off my makeup and apply moisturizer before bed, but that’s about it. I consider myself pretty lucky to have had good skin despite my lack of effort. That changed after giving birth. Very little sleep, fluctuating hormones and new parent stress left my skin dehydrated, fragile and dull.

It turns out that these are early signs of dermal aging and common skin related concerns amongst women in my age group, especially after having children. The media and beauty industry like to use beautiful life milestones like motherhood as an opportunity to make us feel insecure about our skin and bodies. These milestones should be celebrated, not shunned. I'm determined to make bringing my skin back to health an empowering experience and one that's rooted in self care.

Bringing my skin back to health

I’m already noticing improvements in my skin since beginning my natural skincare formulation journey and I'm well aware that I’ve only scratched the surface. It's one of the reasons why I recently enrolled in Formula Botanica’s Certificate in Organic Anti-Aging Skincare. This is an advanced program that will build on my existing formulation experience. Here are a few areas that I’m studying:

  • how our skin ages and what happens to our skin as we age

  • which ingredients are best suited for anti-aging products

  • dermal aging concerns and how to address them

  • how to design high-performance products

My goal is to complete my certificate with a capsule range of high-performance natural products designed to improve the issues that I’m seeing in my skin as a new mom. I'm a firm believer that natural cosmeceutical compounds can improve overall skin health and address early signs of aging by:

  • increasing water content to plump skin

  • providing antioxidant properties

  • encouraging rejuvenation

  • nourishing the skin with vitamins

Bring on the high-performance facial serums, elixirs, lotions, facial masques and facial polishes!

What does this mean for the Dewberry Face blog?

Up to this point I’ve been making basic formulations using botanicals from my garden or the nearby forest. It’s been a lot of fun and you’ll continue to see these simple recipes on the blog. I don’t intend to turn Dewberry Face into a graceful aging blog, but I will be sharing some of my more advanced recipes from time to time.

Exciting, right? You can follow my journey on instagram.

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